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AGBU Germany Marks 3rd Anniversary
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AGBU Germany Marks 3rd Anniversary, Affirms Commitment to Artsakh Amidst Uncertainty

Berlin – December 10, 2023

Today, as we commemorate the third anniversary of AGBU Germany, our hearts are stirred by the enduring spirit of Artsakh – an inseparable thread in our organization’s journey. Founded on this day in 2020, echoing Artsakh’s historic referendum of December 10, 1991, AGBU Germany is deeply committed to crafting narratives of hope and solidarity.

As we pause to reflect on our journey, we acknowledge the challenges faced by Artsakh’s resilient people, compelled to flee the shadows of a genocidal dictatorship in Azerbaijan. Despite the veiled uncertainties shrouding the future of Artsakh, our commitment to stand unwaveringly by its people remains steadfast. In recognizing this shared struggle, we draw parallels with history; after Armenia lost its last kingdom in 1375, it took over 500 years for the Armenian people to forge a new state entity. With Artsakh, we firmly believe this journey will be briefer, and we are committed to contributing to this transformative project.

In 2022, we had the privilege of hosting the Vahram Papazyan Artsakh State Theater in Germany, illuminating the rich cultural heritage of Artsakh. Moreover, our commitment extends beyond cultural exchange. In 2023, we raised funds to support our brothers and sisters in Artsakh who endured a harrowing 9-month blockade and subsequent ethnic cleansing. Today, with gratitude for the support of our generous donors, we proudly announce that we have surpassed the USD 25,000 mark. These funds have been transferred to our parent organization, actively engaged in providing indispensable humanitarian aid – offering sustenance, shelter, and medical care to those most affected.

We stand resolute in our commitment to never lose hope. Drawing strength from the historical resilience of the Armenian people, we believe that the future of Artsakh will be one of triumph.

In conclusion, we share a poignant poem by Constantinople-born writer Arshag Chobanian:

Tomorrow, when evil is defeated,
the rainbow of the dreamed age will rise;
it will appear on the summit of your majestic Ararat…
Then nations fighting for freedom will come to you and greet you – people of Armenia,
you, time-honored symbol of the invincible spirit;
and on your blood-covered forehead, they will place the unfading laurel!

Georgi Ambarzumjan
Ohanes Altunkaya
Executive Board of AGBU Germany

Headquartered in Berlin, AGBU Germany is the first German Chapter of the New York-based Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU), the world’s largest non-profit organization devoted to upholding the Armenian heritage through educational, cultural, and humanitarian programs across the globe. AGBU has an active presence in 32 countries and 75 cities.

AGBU Germany was founded in 2020 in the awareness of its responsibility towards the Armenians in Germany, Armenia, Artsakh, and the Diaspora. Inspired by the unwavering determination of its mother organization AGBU founded in 1906, and in appreciation and recognition of its continuous achievements, the Chapter fits as a German link into the ranks of international AGBU Chapters as well as into the global Armenian nation.

Paris 1925, meeting of the AGBU Central Board, seated center, Boghos Nubar. Earliest photo available of the Central Board.
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