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Mr. Broder is a bestselling author, publisher, and winner of the prestigious “Ludwig-Boerne-Preis” literature prize, among many other awards and accolades. He is considered one of the most influential authors in German-speaking countries.

As a leading German-Jewish figure involved in battling new forms of racism and antisemitism in Europe, Mr. Broder has been a highly vocal advocate for the Armenian people, and the recognition of the Armenian Genocide since the nineties. He has participated as a guest of honor at Armenian commemoration events and traveled to Armenia and Artsakh in 2015 to mark the centenary of the Armenian Genocide. Most recently, he was in Armenia in 2019 with members of the AGBU Germany Executive Board, where he visited representatives of the Jewish community in Armenia, among others.

Mr. Broder’s writings regarding Armenian-related topics have been widely published across leading media outlets in Germany, including BILD, Der Spiegel, and Welt.