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Ohanes Altunkaya

Vice President
Ohanes Altunkaya - Vice President

Ohanes “Hovig” Altunkaya is a Senior Management Consultant at Constructive Consulting and Vice President of AGBU Germany. He advises financial institutions in product launch, cybersecurity, compliance, and regulatory projects.

He is an AGBU International Scholarship recipient, an alumnus of the Goriz Leadership Development Program initiated by AGBU Europe, and co-initiator of the AGBU-HAIK partnership. In a joint project with the Anne Frank Educational Center on the centenary of the Armenian Genocide, Mr. Altunkaya contributed to the publication of an anthology with an essay on the successful recognition efforts of the Armenian community in Germany. He also served two terms as a board member of the Central Council of Armenians in Germany.

Mr. Altunkaya was educated at the University of Applied Science in Mainz, where he earned an M.A. in Economics.