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AGBU Feature Cover

AGBU Statement on Transition Government

Our nation has faced extraordinary challenges over the past century. At each juncture, AGBU has worked to advance the national interest of the Armenian people and has historically been at the forefront on issues when the survival of our nation was at stake, without engaging in local Armenian politics, in Armenia or the diaspora.

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Historic Moment: The Foundation of AGBU Germany

On this day, December 10, 2020, exactly 29 years after the independence referendum of the people of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic, now the Republic of Artsakh, the first German Chapter of the Armenian General Benevolent Union – AGBU – was established.

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Be a lifeline to Armenians in crisis

On September 27, our compatriots in Artsakh awoke to a new reality. An aggression unlike one experienced in recent history. And what endured for the next two months will be remembered as one of the true tests of the Armenian spirit and resilience.

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Goris – 4 November, 2020 – In a highly unusual move to raise awareness and sound the alarm of a new humanitarian crisis unfolding at the gates of Europe, a delegation of 20 young Europeans of Armenian ancestry was dispatched to serve in a five-day mission to Armenia and Artsakh

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Bundespressekonferenz Arzach

Bundespressekonferenz zu Arzach (Berg-Karabach) mit AGBU Germany

Am 20. Oktober 2020 wurde AGBU Germany Präsident Georgi Ambarzumjan mit dem Botschafter der Republik Armenien S. E. Ashot Smbatyan und Antranig Aznavour vom Zentralrat der Armenier in Deutschland zu einer Bundespressekonferenz zum Krieg in Berg-Karabach eingeladen. Hier eine Zusammenfassung des Originalmitschnitts, der auf verfügbar ist.

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